What have I been up to?


My name is Praise Adeyemo. Was told my dad gave me the name ‘Praise’ because they were all expecting a boy and when I turned out to be a girl, he decided to follow the part of Scripture that says “In everything, Praise the Lord!” So, yea, that’s the name. This medium is about me,Continue reading “Hello!”

I started a business

I decided to turn my passion for writing and critically reviewing essays into a business. Baby steps, but really, I think this is how people become entrepreneurs. The services provided by this business include reviews of personal statements, statements of purpose, development impact essays, scholarship application essays, diversity and inclusion essays and other essays requiredContinue reading “I started a business”

What’s next post-MSc?

This is a question most fresh graduates dread being asked. I’m no different. I can remember being told on the first day of my Master’s that most people will not know what they’ll be doing next after their Master’s degree. I was so sure such uncertainty about the future could not be a part ofContinue reading “What’s next post-MSc?”

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