Do you get that feeling of “I should not put myself out there (too much)” for whatever reasons? Yes, I was like that and I saw how ‘not putting myself out there’ was hindering me from being ‘discovered’. So, this is me putting myself out there (and here).

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (2019): This is very academic and it reminds me of how much of a nerd or geek I AM NOT. This was awarded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission and it allowed me to pursue my Master’s degree at the University of London. Getting this scholarship was no walk in the park as I wrote essays and put in my best for my applications.

Shinning Star Award (2019): Apart from the fact that I think this award title is too bold (covers face), I think I’m more excited about what it stands for than the title. This was in recognition of my outstanding youth leadership at the Nigerian Girl Guides Association.

Fellow, Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (2019): This 1-year fellowship organised by the United States Consulate in Nigeria targets young people with “exceptional vision, skills, and experience to design and implement projects that will have a positive impact on Nigerian society.” I worked with 4 other young persons in the Health team and conducted a needs-based assessment and discovered a high infant mortality rate due to inadequate staff and medical supply in the community hospital. An innovative health solution was created.

Voices Against Violence (VAV) Champion (2018): Awarded by the Nigerian Girl Guides Association, this was in recognition of my contribution to gender-based violence projects at the local and national levels of the association.

Most Improved Student (2018): Having gone through the ups and downs of vet school, being active in extracurricular activities, I had a downtime in my academics at a point. But, I picked up myself in the 5th and 6th year of vet school and did so well academically. I like to share this story with young people who are actively involved in extracurricular activities: understand and find a balance for your non-academic activities and academic activities. This balance was missing for me initially, but when I found it, I was unstoppable. My grades went up such that I got the award of the Most Improved Student in 600 level class. I suspect I didn’t get the award solely because of my skyrocketing grades; to be honest, I had improved myself in virtually every aspect of my life.

Finalist of the Year (2018): This came as a shock, however, it was a reminder that people are watching you. This was awarded by the Female Hall of Residence of my undergraduate university. Usually, finalists of the year are selected based on certain criteria such as being respected by many, being looked up to, academic or leadership excellence etc., and when I got the news that I had been given the award, I had mixed feelings. Not in a negative way; but I realised I must have been voted for by the students because they thought I inspired them and deserved it.

Most Influential Female Student (2017): This was awarded by the Association of Veterinary Medical Students and honestly, I was surprised. The awards I had got from the association in the past were always “Most Popular” and I considered this particular award an upgrade. Just joking… lol

Olave Baden-Powell Roll of Honour (2016): This is not an award per se, but it is still one of my greatest achievements. I was nominated to be a Young Supporter of the largest donor body for the world’s largest movement for girls and young women (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and I will forever be grateful to the nominators and the woman who paid my membership fee to join the Olave Baden-Powell Society.

UTIVA Hall of Fame (2017): Being inducted (virtually) into this Hall of Fame came as a surprise. The Instagram post from the organisation wrote “Praise Adeyemo, the Diamond Flowing River of her generation.” Hopefully, I will be able to live to that description, because I do not think I am anywhere close to that description yet.

Young Peacebuilder in West Africa (2016): This also is not exactly an award, but it did not come on a platter of gold. I applied for a Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution cohort organised by the United Nations Alliance of Civilisation (UNAOC) and I got in. The skills I got from the training and workshop are still so useful till date!

Most Popular Female Student (2014): Awarded by the Association of Veterinary Medical Students.

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